What are your store hours?

Our fall store hours are as follows:

Tuesday - Thursday          3 PM to 9 PM
Friday - Saturday              3 PM to 10 PM
Sunday                              3 PM to 9 PM

Fall hours will be in effect starting Sep. 1st!

Where are you located?

2101 Showers Drive, Mountain View, CA 94040
Cross Street on Pacchetti Way
Adjacent to the San Antonio Train Station

What do you serve?

Shaved snow, drinks, and snacks!  See menu below.

Do you take reservations?

We do not take reservations at this time. 



How long has Chilly & Munch been open for?

Since October of 2015.

What is Chilly & Munch?

The meaning behind Chilly & Munch is two-fold. 

1) We serve CHILLY treats like Shaved snow, milkshakes, and smoothies as well as MUNCH-able snacks like our Muncha'dillas and Puffles!

2) Chilly & Munch also represent our mascots: Chilly the Yeti and Munch the Sasquatch. 



What is Shaved Snow?

Shaved snow hails from the land of Taiwan. It is a hybrid of ice cream and shaved ice. 

What is it made of?

Our Shaved snow is shaved from an infused ice block filled with all-natural flavors. Our fruit flavors (mango, strawberry, coconut) utilize fresh fruit purée, and a non-dairy creamer.  

I have certain dietary restrictions.
Is it safe for me?

  • Dairy-Free:

All of our snow flavors are dairy-free except Vanilla. All of our drizzles are dairy-free except Condensed Milk and Black Sesame Condensed Milk.

  • Nut-Free: 

There are no nuts in the snow. We do offer almonds as an a la carte topping as well as in three of our combinations (Atari, Coco Banana, Rocky Road).

  • Gluten-Free: 

All of our snow flavors are gluten-free. With the exception of Oreos and brownies, all of our toppings are gluten-free.  

  • Vegan: 

Our snow flavors are all free of animal product except the Vanilla snow which contains milk. All of our toppings are animal product free except Condensed Milk and Black Sesame Condensed Milk. 

How many sizes do you offer?

We offer three different sizes: Single, Regular, and Party Size. You have the choice between eating the snow in a cup or eating the snow on a plate.

Can I have multiple snow flavors in one order?

Unfortunately not. We shave each order one block at a time, so blending flavors would be inconvenient for other guests.

Can I transport my snow off-premises?

We HIGHLY recommend everyone experience our snow at the storefront. The moment the snow is shaved from the machine is when the texture is the fluffiest and product is most presentable.

When not eaten immediately, the snow will begin to shrink, melt, and turn into liquid form. 

We suggest no one travel more than 10 minutes away from the store. Even when frozen, the snow will lose its fluffy texture. 



What is on your menu?

Thanks for asking! See images for full menu offering. 

What is your Special of the Month?

Royal Kiss!

  • Jasmine Milk Tea Snow
  • Tapioca Boba
  • Fresh Strawberries
  • Condensed Milk